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June 23, 2020 @ 2:25 pm

Nature Am I, Episode 5: The Revolutionary Power of Naturality

Learn about the powerful life philosophy and practice of Naturality. This episode covers:

An introduction to Naturality (0:58)

Redefining nature (2:52)

Nature is infinite and eternal (5:09)

Is nature conscious? (7:24)

Nature as an organizing and sustaining principle (8:56)

Naturality and transcendence (9:57)

Nature connects us all (10:41)

The three truths of Naturality (11:18)

Why Naturality is revolutionary (12:04)

The Naturality experience (12:33)

"There are no others" (14:03)

How humanity can thrive (15:21)

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June 2, 2020 @ 2:33 pm

Nature Am I, Episode 4: Ecocity Visionary Richard Register

We speak with Richard Register about his 55-year career designing "ecocities" or ecologically healthy cities. The conversation covers these topics:

4:35- What is an ecocity?

5:44- 2D and 3D urban design

7:46- Why a city's shape matters

8:49- Ecocity design elements

11:14- Human-powered transportation

12:12- The city as a living organism

15:01- China's ecocities

17:32- Combining all the design elements

19:09- Co-housing

22:38- Retrofitting sprawled cities

24:25- Challenges to building ecocities

28:08- Deconstructing unsustainable cities

31:27- The sounds of a well-designed space

33:25- Nature-inspired urban design

36:06- Courage and maps


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