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October 13, 2020 @ 3:48 pm

Nature Am I, Episode 10: Yoga, Nature & the Body, with Joseph Le Page

Integrative Yoga Therapy founder and yoga scholar Joseph Le Page discusses the role of nature in yoga and the relationship between nature and humans. Our conversation touches upon the following topics:

3:12- Knowing the true self (purusha)

6:52- Lower mind (manas) vs. higher mind (buddhi)

10:08- The need for spiritual culture

11:34- Nature (prakriti) and spirit

14:25- Seeing Nature in a new way

16:10- Patanjali's view of Nature 

18:41- Duality (samkhya) and non-duality (vedanta)

20:04- The practice and qualities of samadhi

21:45- Nature and the deity of creation (Ishvara)

24:00- One enlightenment, many paths

25:58- The essence of Tantra

27:20- The purpose of living (dharma)

29:04- The concept of kaivalya

33:20- Kaivalya in the ecological movement

35:12- The end of evolution

36:50- Samadhi in the body (nirbijah samadhi)

41:47- Becoming one with Nature

43:52-Co-dependence in the ecological movement


Excellent video of Joseph Le Page speaking about nirbija samadhi:


For more information about Integrative Yoga Therapy (IYT):


YouTube channel for IYT:




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