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November 16, 2020 @ 12:10 pm

Nature Am I, Episode 11: Nature is God

Here, we explore the relationship between Nature, on the one hand, and religion and spirituality, on the other, focusing on the concept of God. Topics include:

1:13- Religion has failed to live up to its promise

2:45- The growing trend of religious disaffiliation

3:36- Why spirituality is misguided

4:04- The concept of God

5:04- The damage caused by dualism

5:50- Wholeness in Nature

7:21- Why the distinction between Nature and human makes no sense

8:43- Experience your body!

9:10- Creativity and desire

9:41- Replacing spirituality with Naturality

10:19- Creating paradise on Earth

11:13- Fully aligned with Nature

12:29- Experience the wonders of this world

12:57- Nothing is "supernatural"

13:51- Reversing the damage humanity has caused

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