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July 31, 2020 @ 11:51 am

Nature Am I Episode 7: Remaking the World through Nature Inspiration

Discover what it means and takes to remake the world. Find out the creative power inherent in the experience of nature inspiration, why such power is essential at this time in human history, and how you can cultivate it by learning how to embody nature fully. Here are the topics we explore in this episode:


0:58- The need to remake the world

1:27- Inspiration and creative power

2:10- Embodying nature through nature inspiration

2:33- The world is not as it appears

3:18- Schrodinger on the myth of objectivity

4:22- Bohm and Einstein weigh in on consciousness and imagination

4:52- How the mind limits experience

5:37- Nature as dynamic wholeness

5:52- Bohm: Continuity is an illusion

6:16- Analogy between perceived reality and a movie

6:54- Re-creating reality at every moment (TD Suzuki quote)

7:41- The dynamics of creation in the natural world

9:06- Humans as the creative aspect of nature

9:42- Embodying nature by transcending limitations

10:56- Paradise and nature alignment

11:24- The six qualities that give rise to inspiration

12:04- Why experience nature inspiration?

13:11- Stability and energy in nature

14:14- How energy is building towards an enormous release

15:16- Two ways to attain stability through energy release

16:58- Showing the world the way to a more stable condition

17:23- Accessing nature's wisdom

17:54- Visionaries that offer a clear path to a stable, thriving way of life




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