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June 23, 2020 @ 2:25 pm

Nature Am I, Episode 5: The Revolutionary Power of Naturality

Learn about the powerful life philosophy and practice of Naturality. This episode covers:

An introduction to Naturality (0:58)

Redefining nature (2:52)

Nature is infinite and eternal (5:09)

Is nature conscious? (7:24)

Nature as an organizing and sustaining principle (8:56)

Naturality and transcendence (9:57)

Nature connects us all (10:41)

The three truths of Naturality (11:18)

Why Naturality is revolutionary (12:04)

The Naturality experience (12:33)

"There are no others" (14:03)

How humanity can thrive (15:21)

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June 2, 2020 @ 2:33 pm

Nature Am I, Episode 4: Ecocity Visionary Richard Register

We speak with Richard Register about his 55-year career designing "ecocities" or ecologically healthy cities. The conversation covers these topics:

4:35- What is an ecocity?

5:44- 2D and 3D urban design

7:46- Why a city's shape matters

8:49- Ecocity design elements

11:14- Human-powered transportation

12:12- The city as a living organism

15:01- China's ecocities

17:32- Combining all the design elements

19:09- Co-housing

22:38- Retrofitting sprawled cities

24:25- Challenges to building ecocities

28:08- Deconstructing unsustainable cities

31:27- The sounds of a well-designed space

33:25- Nature-inspired urban design

36:06- Courage and maps


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May 19, 2020 @ 12:04 pm

Nature Am I, Episode 3: Nature, Ambisexuals, and Foot Love

The experience of nature inspiration has been called "the greatest feeling in the world." Here, we delve into that experience, looking at what it takes to embody nature fully and introducing you to a set of simple activities you can try at home. This episode covers the following (time markers included):

1:30  Nature and consciousness

5:24 Nature knows best

6:33 How humans became separated from nature

7:29 Humanity on the brink

7:56 The greatest feeling in the world

11:00 What does nature do?

12:13 How to thrive

12:53 Ambisexuality

13:42 Why minerals and fossil fuels must stay in the ground

15:32 Glimpses of a nature-inspired society

17:07 Maximizing good and minimizing harm

17:39 Let nature lead the way

18:24 Foot Love exercise

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May 5, 2020 @ 12:17 pm

Nature Am I, Episode 2: Human Evolution & COVID-19

Interview with evolutionary ecologist Dr. Elisabet Sahtouris includes the following:

Introduction to Dr. Sahtouris' work (0:58)

How science can learn from nature (4:47)

The evolution of species from competition to cooperation (5:53)

Human transformation (7:40)

The speed of the current evolutionary shift (9:09)

Global Reboot (12:23)

Building a better future (14:15)

How an evolutionary shift begins (16:23)

Strength in numbers (18:40)

Ways to promote recycling (19:17)

Feeding the world (20:35)

Alternative Currencies and economies (21:48)

Mobilizing Millions (26:40)

Local vs Global Action? (27:24)

Overcoming Fear of the Virus (28:30)

Holistic View of the Pandemic (29:15)

Vaccines (34:06)

Nature-Based Ways to Manage an Epidemic (35:15)

Sentient Plants (36:54)

Restoring Man-Made Deserts (37:19)

Eastern Approaches to Immune Strengthening (37:56)

Nature Inspiration (39:17)

Words from Rumi (41:22)

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April 11, 2020 @ 2:17 pm

Nature Am I, Episode 1: How Can Humanity Thrive?

Dr. Victor Shamas introduces the themes and objectives of the Nature Am I podcast, focusing on the following topics (time markers included):

A hopeful vision for humanity's future (1:01)

Pandemics and climate change (2:30)

How nature restores balance (5:58)

Humans vs. Nature? (8:08)

Nature inspiration (9:43)

Why "Nature Am I" (10:57)

Nature-inspired solutions (13:45)

Future topics and an invitation to listeners (15:29)

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