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May 5, 2020 @ 12:17 pm

Nature Am I, Episode 2: Human Evolution & COVID-19

Interview with evolutionary ecologist Dr. Elisabet Sahtouris includes the following:

Introduction to Dr. Sahtouris' work (0:58)

How science can learn from nature (4:47)

The evolution of species from competition to cooperation (5:53)

Human transformation (7:40)

The speed of the current evolutionary shift (9:09)

Global Reboot (12:23)

Building a better future (14:15)

How an evolutionary shift begins (16:23)

Strength in numbers (18:40)

Ways to promote recycling (19:17)

Feeding the world (20:35)

Alternative Currencies and economies (21:48)

Mobilizing Millions (26:40)

Local vs Global Action? (27:24)

Overcoming Fear of the Virus (28:30)

Holistic View of the Pandemic (29:15)

Vaccines (34:06)

Nature-Based Ways to Manage an Epidemic (35:15)

Sentient Plants (36:54)

Restoring Man-Made Deserts (37:19)

Eastern Approaches to Immune Strengthening (37:56)

Nature Inspiration (39:17)

Words from Rumi (41:22)

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