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July 12, 2020 @ 12:34 pm

Nature Am I, Episode 6: Last Born in the Wilderness, Conversation with Patrick Farnsworth

For eight years, Patrick Farnsworth has been addressing environmental issues in his insightful podcast, "Last Born in the Wilderness" (// Here, he discusses his podcast, the deeper implications of ecological collapse, the significance of the current COVID-19 pandemic, and whether or not there are grounds for hope in the face of a potential apocalypse. The conversation includes the following:


6:45  What "Last Born in the Wilderness" signifies

9:43  The evolution of the podcast and its themes

12:47 Deeper psychological and emotional aspects of ecological collapse

13:38 Why ecological collapse was never inevitable

15:50 Building resilience

16:35 Blindsided by a pandemic

18:04 Hope and apocalypse

20:02 Listening to indigenous people

20:49 Freedom beyond hope

21:22 Joe Brewer's work with regenerative hubs

23:10 Being aligned with nature feels good

25:02 Dahr Jamail and painful beauty

27:23 Is humanity an addict hitting bottom?

33:19 Paradigm shifts can be violent

34:34 COVID-19 as a wake-up call

36:03 A sliver of hope

39:00 No going back

41:21 Mutual aid in times of crisis

45:55 Self-care and maintaining balance in chaotic times

48:21 We Live in the Orbit of Beings Greater than Us

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