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August 28, 2020 @ 1:25 pm

Nature Am I, Episode 8: Unpaving Paradise: A Conversation with Richard Heinberg

On this episode, Richard Heinberg of the Post Carbon Institute discusses strategies for increasing sustainability and building community resilience. He touches on many of his seminal writings, including his books,  Our Renewable Future, The End of Growth, Power Down, and Memories and Visions of Paradise, as well as his award-winning Museletter. Our conversation covered the following topics:

Immanuel Velikovsky's World in Collision (4:30)

Visions of Paradise (6:53)

Paradise as connection to Nature (9:08)

Global disturbances caused by unsustainable practices (11:09)

The need for community resilience (14:09)

Balancing global and local perspectives (15:56)

Protecting information in a post-carbon age (18:39)

How our energy use is destroying the natural world (21:00)

Making society more sustainable (23:15)

Shifting away from unlimited growth (23:54)

Steady-state economies (27:14)

Time banking and income disparity (29:14)

Coalition-building (30:37)

Making non-profits more resilient (32:52)

Building community resilience (34:55)

Opportunities for idealists (36:35)

Practices and principles of sustainability (38:34)

Profit vs. Beauty as sources of motivation (41:39)

Learn more about Richard Heinberg and the Post Carbon Institute.

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